Giorgo Sertsios

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We analyze the interaction of firm product quality and pricing decisions with financial distress and bankruptcy in the airline industry. We consider an airline's choices of quality and price as dynamic decisions that trade off current cash flows for future revenue. We examine how airline mishandled baggage, on-time performance and pricing are related to(More)
We exploit Medicare national coverage reimbursement approvals of medical devices as a quasi-natural experiment to investigate how private and publicly traded firm financing decisions and product introductions respond to exogenous changes in investment opportunities. We find that publicly traded companies increase their external financing, and their(More)
Chile for very helpful comments. We would like to thank to Smith Travel Research for providing us the data for this study. We would also like to thank the Cornell Hospitality Research Center at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration for helping us obtain the data. Sertsios gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Fondecyt Iniciación (project/folio(More)
Phillips acknowledges financial support of the NSF through grant #0965328. Sertsios acknowledges the financial support of Fondecyt Proyecto Regular # 1160037. We thank Itay Goldstein (Editor) and two anonymous referees for very helpful comments. We are also indebted to (2015) CFEA conference and the 2 nd Empirical Workshop in Management Science and(More)
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