Giorgio Vago

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Since 2008, the analyses carried out in the Lombardia region as part of National Residue Control Plans have evidenced unexpected frequent detection of the corticosteroid prednisolone (PRED) in cow urine samples taken to the slaughterhouse. Considering the scarce plausibility of these high frequent findings, analytical investigations were started to(More)
Here, a new 'one pot' and fast approach is described, based on electrospray ionization (ESI) of negative ions by using a hybrid linear ion trap/orbitrap mass spectrometer (LTQ/orbitrap) for MS and MS/MS analysis. By this method the distribution of the primary and secondary acyl residues of the intact lipid A is inferred by analysis of the ESI spectra(More)
The AA. describe a method of determination of serum antistreptolysin employing "Technicon" AutoAnalyzer, this method permitting the execution of 40 determinations in an hour, with a time of analysis of about 16 minutes. The procedure of analysis is very easy, with a very high selectivity of values; a variation coefficient of 5,3% and an accuracy index of(More)
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