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Infinium SNP data analysed as continuous intensity ratios enabled associating genotypic and phenotypic data from heterogeneous oat samples, showing that association mapping for frost tolerance is a feasible option. Oat is sensitive to freezing temperatures, which restricts the cultivation of fall-sown or winter oats to regions with milder winters. Fall-sown(More)
Structural health monitoring (SHM) is certainly one of the key technologies required to achieve the goal for new space vehicles of having reduced maintenance costs with increased levels of safety. For the time being, sensor technology has reached a good technology readiness level, but the integration of these technologies into the design process of a space(More)
The multiexponential fluorescence decay of the CP29 complex in which the apoprotein and pigments were reconstituted in vitro was examined. Of the three decay components observed only the two dominant ones, with about 3 and 5 ns lifetimes, were studied. The main question addressed was whether the multicomponent decay was associated with sample optical(More)
T-2 and HT-2 toxins are two of the most toxic members of type-A trichothecenes, produced by a number of Fusarium species. The occurrence of these mycotoxins was studied in barley samples during a survey carried out in the 2011-2014 growing seasons in climatically different regions in Italy. The percentage of samples found positive ranges from 22% to 53%,(More)
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