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High-voltage shore connection (HVSC) is a technical solution to supply ships at berth in an economic way while reducing air pollution in city ports. When multiple megawatt-HVSC installations are to be exercised, electric power has to be delivered to the port from a primary high-voltage (HV) line at voltages higher than 100 kV. In this case, large earth(More)
In this paper, a demonstrative technological implementation of a shipboard 2.15-MVA generation system is described, along with its modeling, numeric simulation, and some factory tests. The system, named Naval Package (NP), is part of a demonstrative program commissioned by Italian Navy for preliminary evaluations of medium-voltage dc supply technologies(More)
This article reports on the design, development, and validation of advanced prototype 2 MVA generation equipment [i.e., naval package (NP)] for a shipboard medium-voltage dc integrated power system (MVDC IPS). The generation equipment is based on an ultrahigh-speed 22,500-r/min 12-phase alternator, which feeds an ac/dc power electronics converter comprising(More)
RTAI extension to Linux operating system makes it possible to perform Hard Real-Time (HRT) controls using a commercial PC and utilizing open-source code. This paper details a software installation process, along with the suitable hardware chosen for realizing motion controls using Linux-RTAI. Advantages offered by the possibility of designing and developing(More)
Keywords: photovoltaics Fault detection Fault diagnosis ANN FPGA a b s t r a c t This work proposes a novel fault diagnostic technique for photovoltaic systems based on Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). For a given set of working conditions-solar irradiance and photovoltaic (PV) module's temperature-a number of attributes such as current, voltage, and(More)
Italian Navy is being equipping its fleet with the new FREMM class of frigates, developed under a joint program by Italian and French Navies. They are conceptually new war ships endowed with a hybrid propulsion system, composed by a gas turbine and two electric drives, which can be operated also as shaft-generators. University of Trieste has been charged(More)
The paper presents a small-signal stability analysis of voltage control systems employed onboard all-electric cruise liners. To realize the stability analysis, a model of shipboard power station voltage control system has been determined, moving from dynamic models of alternators, voltage regulators and loads. Reduced order models of alternators have been(More)
A major limitation to the development of feedback acceleration controls in motion servo drives is the difficulty of detecting angular acceleration. This paper presents an innovative method for determining angular acceleration in servo-drives for industrial applications. The proposed method detects angular acceleration through the processing of the output(More)