Giorgio Oronzo Spagnolo

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A company who wishes to enter an established marked with a new, competitive product is required to analyse the product solutions of the competitors. Identifying and comparing the <i>features</i> provided by the other vendors might greatly help during the market analysis. However, mining common and variant features of from the publicly available documents of(More)
The degree of automation in rail transport systems is constantly increasing. The gradual replacement of the control role of the human agent requires these systems to guarantee an enhanced level of safety and reliability. On the other hand, increased automation implies increased complexity. Dealing with such complexity requires to analyse the different(More)
A business subject who wishes to enter an established technological market is required to accurately analyse the features of the products of the different competitors. Such features are normally accessible through natural language (NL) brochures, or NL Web pages, which describe the products to potential customers. Building a feature model that(More)
A metro control system is a software/hardware platform that provides automated mechanisms to enforce the safety of a metropolitan transportation system. In this field, the current technical trend is the Communications-based Train Control (CBTC) solution. CBTC platforms are characterized by a continuous wireless interaction between trains and ground(More)
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