Giorgio Mustacchi

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BACKGROUND The standardization of the HER2 score and recent changes in therapeutic modalities points to the need for a reevaluation of the role of HER2 in recently diagnosed breast carcinoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS A multicenter, retrospective study of 1794 primary breast carcinomas diagnosed in Italy in 2000/2001 and scored in HER2 four categories(More)
BACKGROUND The present paper described the biological characteristics and clinical behavior of young women in the cohort NORA study PATIENTS AND METHODS From 2000-2002, patients (N > 3500) were enrolled at 77 Italian hospitals. Women aged ≤50 years (N = 1013) were stratified into age groups (≤35, 36-40, 41-45, and 46-50 years). The relationship between(More)
Clinical trials have shown the efficacy of trastuzumab-based adjuvant therapy in HER2-positive breast cancers, but routine clinical use awaits evaluation of compliance, safety, and effectiveness. Adjuvant trastuzumab-based therapy in routine clinical use was evaluated in the retrospective study GHEA, recording 1,002 patients treated according to the HERA(More)
Molecular tests predicting the outcome of breast cancer patients based on gene expression levels can be used to assist in making treatment decisions after consideration of conventional markers. In this study we identified a subset of 20 mRNA differentially regulated in breast cancer analyzing several publicly available array gene expression data using(More)
Breast cancer (BC) is the most frequent tumor worldwide. Triple-negative BCs are characterized by the negative estrogen and progesterone receptors and negative HER2, and represent 15% of all BCs. In this review, data on the use of taxanes in triple-negative BCs are analyzed, concluding they are effective in any clinical setting (neoadjuvant, adjuvant, and(More)
BACKGROUND Difficulties in coping with cancer, and the accompanying anxious and depressive symptoms, have been shown to affect the mood and the quality of life in breast cancer patients. 5-Hydroxytryptamine Transporter Gene-linked Polymorphic Region (5-HTTLPR) functional polymorphism of serotonin transporter has been shown to influence the adaptation to(More)
International treatment guidelines recommend administration of adjuvant chemotherapy in early breast cancer based on clinical, prognostic and predictive parameters. An observational study (NEMESI) was conducted in 63 Italian oncology centres in patients with early breast cancer. Age, performance status, concomitant disease, menopausal status, histology,(More)
BACKGROUND The NORA study is a prospective longitudinal cohort study aiming at investigating treatment in patients with early breast cancer. Here, we present the impact of the St Gallen recommendations on clinical practice. PATIENTS AND METHODS We compared adjuvant strategies in patients enrolled in 2000-2002 to those in 2003-2004 to verify the impact of(More)
BACKGROUND Aminoglutethimide was the first aromatase inhibitor to be used successfully in breast cancer patients. However, this drug also inhibits mineralcorticoid and glucocorticoid synthesis, making co-medication with corticosteroids necessary, and it is often poorly tolerated. The primary objective of this trial was to evaluate the clinical efficacy and(More)
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