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OBJECTIVES This study was designed to evaluate whether the addition of transdermal nitroglycerin or oral N-acetylcysteine, or both, to conventional medical therapy improves the natural history of unstable angina pectoris. BACKGROUND Transdermal nitroglycerin is widely used to treat angina pectoris, but the development of tolerance is a major problem that(More)
Four patients with variant angina pectoris exhibited reproducible exercise-induced chest pain and ST-segment elevation. Coronary arterial spasm was documented with arteriography during exercise-induced ST-segment elevation (three patients) or after intravenous administration of ergonovine maleate (one patient). Our observations show that in patients with(More)
Three patients complained of spontaneous and exertional chest pain, both associated with S-T segment depression in anterior electrocardiographic leads. In each, coronary spasm was demonstrated on coronary arteriography during a spontaneous attack of pain. Coronary arteriograms taken during exercise-induced angina did not show evidence of spastic(More)
In order to clarify the role of coronary arterial spasm in the pathogenesis of angina at rest, coronary arteriography was perforned during spontaneous chest pain or following intravenous administration of ergonovine maleate in 40 patients with angina at rest. Coronary vasospasm was demonstrated in 23 patients with ST-segment elevation during chest pain(More)
Magnetite nanoparticles covered by a layer of omega-hydroxycarboxylic acid were synthesized in one step by high-temperature decomposition of iron(III) omega-hydroxycarboxylates in tri- and tetra-ethylene glycol. The nanoparticles were characterized by TEM, XRD, IR, XPS and NMR techniques in order to show that they comprise a crystalline magnetite core and(More)
In 6 patients affected by spontaneous angina with S-T elevation and coronariographic findings of obstruction, intravenous administration of ergonovine maleate determined the same clinical and ECG patterns of spontaneous episodes. The coronary arteriography during pain showed a marked spasm with occlusion of a large coronary vessel in four patients. In 2(More)
A 44-yr-old man suffering fro exertional, emotional and spontaneous angina underwent coronary arteriography. During the examination he had a spontaneous attack of angina with ST elevation in the anterior leads. Injection of a contrast medium in the left coronary artery during pain showed marked spasm with anterior descending artery occlusion. The spasm was(More)
The development and the validation of the Pavia Physical Performance Scale (PPPS) is here presented. PPPS is a new instrument evaluating the physical performance of pacemaker implanted patients. Data comes from a cross-over clinical trial on the efficacy of two functions of the pacemaker device. Primary end-point is the improvement of the physical(More)