Giorgio Krstulovic

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A phenomenological two-fluid model of the (time-reversible) spectrally-truncated 3D Euler equation is proposed. The thermalized small scales are first shown to be quasi-normal. The effective viscosity and thermal diffusion are then determined, using EDQNM closure and Monte-Carlo numerical computations. Finally, the model is validated by comparing its(More)
The development and decay of a turbulent vortex tangle driven by the Gross-Pitaevskii equation is studied. Using a recently developed accurate and robust tracking algorithm, all quantized vortices are extracted from the fields. The Vinen's decay law for the total vortex length with a coefficient that is in quantitative agreement with the values measured in(More)
A short review is given of recent papers on the relaxation to (incompressible) absolute equilibrium. A new algorithm to construct absolute equilibrium of spectrally truncated compressible flows is described. The algorithm uses stochastic processes based on the Clebsch representation of the velocity field to generate density and velocity fields that follow(More)
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