Giorgio Guariso

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The aim of the paper is to propose a method to maximize energy production from arboreous and herbaceous dedicated crops given the characteristics of the local environment: geo-morphology, climate, natural heritage, current land use. The best energy crops available in the Italian panorama are identified and the problem of maximizing the bioenergy production(More)
PM10 constitutes a major concern for Milan air quality. We presents a series of results obtained applying different neural networks approaches to the PM10 prediction problem. The 1-day ahead prediction shows a satisfactory level of accuracy, which may be further improved if a proper deseasonalization approach is adopted, thus transferring some a priori(More)
In this paper, the Integrated Assessment of air quality is dealt with at regional scale. First the paper describes the main challenges to tackle current air pollution control, including economic aspects. Then it proposes a novel approach to manage the problem, presenting its mathematical formalization and describing its practical implementation into the(More)
The recent statements of both the European Union and the US Presidency pushed in the direction of using renewable forms of energy, in order to act against climate changes induced by the growing concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In this paper, a survey regarding methods and tools presently available to determine potential and exploitable(More)
To develop sound air quality plans, regional authorities should have instruments that link the complex behaviour of pollutants both in time and space with costs of emission reduction. The problem is particularly important for ground level ozone which forms kilometres away, hours later from the emission of its precursors. To approach this problem, a method(More)
Detecting trends on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the domain of environmental sciences is important to foresee new frontiers of modelling and software research. Here we analyze the impact of ICT in scientific papers published from 1990 to 2007 in all ISI journals and in those belonging to the Environmental Sciences category(More)
The waste intermodal station of Clyde, in the city of Sydney, Australia, is in the heart of a complex network of terminals connected by road and rail to transport urban waste from its first collection to its final disposal. The amount of waste the network is projected to handle in 2015 will increase from about 340,000 tonnes/year in 2006 up to about 1.5(More)