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A novel approach to the automatic classiJcation of remote sensed images is proposed. This approach is based on a three-phase procedure: first pixels which belong to the areas of interest with large likelihood are selected as seeds; second the seeds are refined into connected shapes using two well known image processing techniques; third the results of the(More)
The enormous scale and complexity of data sets in functional neuroimaging makes it crucial to have well-designed and flexible software for image processing, modeling, and statistical analysis. At present, researchers must choose between general purpose scientific computing environments (e.g., Splus and Matlab), and specialized human brain mapping packages(More)
—A WDM-PON unbundling solution based on WDM/OTDM conversion is presented. It guarantees high bit-rate scalability, easy reconfigurability, modular unbundling, minimum number of fiber links, and " pay as you grow " strategy implementation. Each required subsystem is implemented exploiting nonlinearities in optical fiber with channel traffic rate at 10 Gb/s,(More)
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