Giorgio Gottardi

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OBJECTIVES Magnetic fields have been shown to affect cell proliferation and growth factor expression in cultured cells. Although the activation of endorphin systems is a recurring motif among the biological events elicited by magnetic fields, compelling evidence indicating that magnetic fields may modulate opioid gene expression is still lacking. We(More)
Parametrization models of optical constants, namely Tauc-Lorentz (TL), Forouhi-Bloomer (FB) and modified FB models, were applied to the interband absorption of amorphous carbon films. The optical constants were determined by means of transmittance and reflectance measurements in the visible range. The studied films were prepared by rf sputtering and(More)
The Lean approach has been implemented in many different sectors as a methodology to improve industrial performance at company level. In the latest years this approach has been further developed in literature and in practice to integrate the principles of agility, adaptability and the mass customization paradigm where product and services have to be(More)
  • Présentation, Boussaid Omar, Trousse Brigitte, Aufaure Marie-Aude, Bentayeb F, Bouet Marinette +56 others
  • 2006
Dans cette troisième édition, on note de nombreux travaux sur trois thèmes principalement, deux relatifs à la fouille de données (classification, approches hybrides) et un plus orienté sur le prétraitement de données complexes – Classification non supervisée d'objets complexes : citons la pondération des attributs des objets, la prise en compte d'objets(More)
  • Lambert Hp, F O 'grady, Waterworth Pm Antibi, Kano, Akutsu M Tsunoda, Mano H Sato +45 others
  • 2002
Clonal populations of hematopoietic cells with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria genotype and phenotype are present in normal of STI571, an abl tyrosine kinase inhibitor, in conjunction with other antileukemic agents against bcr-abl-positive cells. et al. In vitro cytotoxic effects of a tyrosine kinase inhibitor STI571 in combination with(More)
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