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We present a simple extension of typed &#955;-claculus where functions can be <italic>overloaded</italic> by adding different &#8220;pieces of code&#8221;. In short, the code of an overloaded function is formed by several branches of code; the branch to execute is chosen, when the function is applied, according to a particular selection rule which depends(More)
The ambient logic is a modal logic proposed to describe the structural and computational properties of distributed and mobile computation. The structural part of the ambient logic is, essentially, a logic of labeled trees, hence it turns out to be a good foundation for query languages for semistructured data, much in the same way as first order logic is a(More)
System F ≤ is an extension of second-order typed lambda calculus, where a subtype hierarchy among types is defined, and bounded second-order lambda abstraction is allowed. This language is a basis for much of the current research on integration of typed functional languages with subtypes and inheritance. An algorithm to perform type checking for F ≤(More)