Giorgio Gemignani

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—Human Robot Interaction is a key enabling feature to support the introduction of robots in everyday environments. In fact, robots are currently incapable of building representation of the environments that allow both for the execution of complex tasks and for an easy interaction with the user requesting them. In this paper, we focus on the problem of(More)
Motion detection in video streams is a challenging task for several computer vision applications. Indeed, segmentation of moving and static elements in the scene allows to increase the efficiency of several challenging tasks such as human computer interface (HCI), robot visions, and intelligent surveillance systems. In this paper, we approach motion(More)
Robotic systems should have a deep and specific knowledge about the environment they live in to properly interact with people and effectively perform the requested tasks. To this end, a suitable representation of the environment is needed, including both metric spatial information and semantic representations of locations and objects of interest. In this(More)
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