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AbstructIn this paper, we exploit the interferometric multifrequency potentiality of the SIR-CK-SAR system which is equipped with an L-, C-, and X-band sensor. We present a solution to improve the unwrapping performance of the Cand X-band data by considering the L-band unwrapped pattern. A new algorithm for the generation of a single digital elevation model(More)
The Cassini Titan Radar Mapper imaged about 1% of Titan's surface at a resolution of approximately 0.5 kilometer, and larger areas of the globe in lower resolution modes. The images reveal a complex surface, with areas of low relief and a variety of geologic features suggestive of dome-like volcanic constructs, flows, and sinuous channels. The surface(More)
—Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) raw signal simulation is a powerful tool for design of oil slick detection and interpretation systems. In this paper, the ocean simulation issues are presented, and the main problems relating to the oil presence on the sea surface are treated. Attention is focused on the electromagnetic side of the problem, with care to the(More)
This paper deals with the simulation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) raw signal of actual ground sites described in terms of sparse input data. Since in most cases the input data reference system does not match SAR requirements, it is necessary to adopt appropriate interpolation schemes. We focus our attention on elevation input data, noting that natural(More)
—Applicability and efficiency of building height retrieval from radiometric parameters on SAR images is here investigated. The influence of an imperfect knowledge of ground truth is studied by means of a theoretical analysis compared with results deriving from simulation examples. For some cases, propagated errors are quantitatively evaluated and discussed.