Giorgio Fazzin

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Beta-carboline alkaloids harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine can stimulate the central nervous system by inhibiting the metabolism of amine neurotransmitters, or by direct interaction with specific receptors; they are found in numerous plants, including Peganum harmala, Passiflora incarnata and Banisteriopsis caapi, and in the entheogen preparation(More)
Plasma selenium was determined in 92 elderly women: a marked decrease was observed from the age of 65 years. Se-status in 20 elderly women was explored by investigation of the effects of 30 days' Se-supplementation with enriched tablets (Selevit-E) 66 micrograms per day. Serial determination was performed for Se plasma, e-GSH-Px (glutathione peroxidase),(More)
Blood-lead concentrations (Pb-B) were measured in 318 adult inpatients with chronic liver diseases. The Pb-B was highest (387 +/- 96 micrograms/l) in 102 patients with alcoholic liver disease without cirrhosis. The Pb-B was still high, but significantly lower in 60 patients with compensated alcoholic cirrhosis (342 +/- 100 micrograms/l) and in 72 patients(More)
Blood lead concentration (Pb-B), aminolevulinic acid dehydratase (ALAD), and gamma-GT were measured in 265 workers industrially exposed to lead and in 184 patients with liver disease resulting from alcohol consumption. The first group was divided according to alcohol use, i.e., nondrinkers, moderate drinkers, and heavy drinkers. The second group was divided(More)
A new method for alpha-amilase determination has been compared with other two methods already tested. All these methods have been evaluated by linearity, precision, accuracy and correlation tests. Affinity of the three different substrates for pancreatic and salivary isoenzymes has been valued too. The new method is based on the use of a mixture of(More)
Serial estimations of the hydroxyproline (OHP) excretion during chemotherapy were performed in 24 women bearing advanced breast carcinoma with skeletal metastases. There was a significant correlation between sensitivity of the metastases to treatment and OHP content of urine. Many factors, including age of patients, type, number and extent of metastases,(More)
The diagnostic value of fasting and after meal test total bile acid determination in control subjects and in patients suffering from chronic persistent and active hepatitis, fatty liver and cirrhosis has been evaluated with fluorimetric method. Our results demonstrated the good sensitivity of determination of bile acids after meal test in evaluating the(More)
Biliary salts determination after meal test is an useful liver function test. We evaluated both biliary salts and copper-ceruloplasmin after meal test in different liver diseases. Copper-ceruloplasmin determination does not seem to be useful in the diagnosis of liver diseases because copper has only partial hepatic clearance.
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