Giorgio De Pasquale

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In this study the dynamic behaviour of perforated microplates oscillating under the effect of squeeze film damping is analyzed. A numerical approach is adopted to predict the effects of damping and stiffness transferred from the surrounding ambient air to oscillating structures; the effect of hole's cross section and plate's extension is observed. Results(More)
Measured damping coefficients of six different perforated micromechanical test structures are compared with damping coefficients given by published compact models. The motion of the perforated plates is almost translational, the surface shape is rectangular, and the perforation is uniform validating the assumptions made for compact models. In the(More)
The diffusion of micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology applied to navigation systems is rapidly increasing, but currently, there is a lack of knowledge about the reliability of this typology of devices, representing a serious limitation to their use in aerospace vehicles and other fields with medium and high requirements. In this paper, a(More)
– The effect of mechanical fatigue on structural performances of gold devices is investigated. The pull-in voltage of special testing micro-systems is monitored during the cyclical load application. The mechanical collapse is identified as a dramatic loss of mechanical strength of the specimen. The fatigue limit is estimated through the staircase method by(More)
In this paper an experimental validation of numerical approaches aimed to predict the coupled behaviour of microbeams for out-of-plane bending tests is performed. This work completes a previous investigation concerning in plane microbeams bending. Often out-of-plane microcantilevers and clamped-clamped microbeams suffer the presence of residual strain and(More)
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