Giorgio Coscarella

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OBJECTIVE Trocar-site incisional hernias and their complications are reported in 1% to 6% of patients. Such hernias are attributed to the difficulty of applying standard suturing techniques to wound closure. We report our experience with a simple device, the Deschamps ligature needle. METHODS The Deschamps needle has a handle and a tip (sharp or blunt),(More)
This experimental study aimed at evaluating the efficiency of robots in the learning of surgical techniques. We recruited 40 surgeons, divided them into 2 groups of 20, each of which used the robotic system. The first group consisted of experienced physicians, and the second group comprised physicians in training. Each surgeon was allowed to use the da(More)
BACKGROUND Minilaparoscopic appendectomy for appendicitis is not a well-established procedure. This approach provides less abdominal wall trauma, fewer complications, and excellent cosmetic results. Our aim was to show the feasibility and safety of the minilaparoscopic approach. METHODS Minilaparoscopic appendectomy was performed in 37 patients. Two(More)
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