Giorgio Coscarella

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To investigate pain and other complications following inguinal hernioplasty performed by the Lichtenstein technique with mesh fixation by fibrin glue or sutures. Five hundred and twenty patients were enrolled in this 12-month observational multicenter study and received either sutures or fibrin glue (Tissucol®/Tisseel®) based on the preference of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Trocar-site incisional hernias and their complications are reported in 1% to 6% of patients. Such hernias are attributed to the difficulty of applying standard suturing techniques to wound closure. We report our experience with a simple device, the Deschamps ligature needle. METHODS The Deschamps needle has a handle and a tip (sharp or blunt),(More)
This experimental study aimed at evaluating the efficiency of robots in the learning of surgical techniques. We recruited 40 surgeons, divided them into 2 groups of 20, each of which used the robotic system. The first group consisted of experienced physicians, and the second group comprised physicians in training. Each surgeon was allowed to use the da(More)
The work was designed to assess the suitability of both measured endogenous creatinine clearance (CCR) and predicted creatinine clearance (P-CCR) to evaluate GFR in chronic renal disease (CRD) by utilizing the renal clearance of inulin (CIN) as gold standard. A total of 124 subjects were studied (62 healthy, 62 with CRF). CCR significantly overestimated GFR(More)
Radiofrequency tumor ablation (RFA) is a therapeutic modality for liver cancer patients inducing localized tumor necrosis with maximal preservation of normal liver parenchyma. We investigated the immunomodulatory effects exerted by RFA treatment in liver cancer patients with metastatic liver lesions (13 patients) or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) (4(More)
This investigation was designed to study (1) renal sodium handling after an oral protein load and (2) its relationship to some known determinants of the hemodynamic response (glucagon, insulin, growth hormone, renin, aldosterone, and plasma amino acid concentration). To this end of group of 8 adult subjects was studied before (three 30-min clearances) and(More)
Malabsorptive bariatric surgery is an effective treatment option for morbid obesity, but may be associated with complications and side effects. We have developed a new experimental approach to creating a gastric bypass through an intraluminal access. The goal is to reduce postoperative complications and to reduce mid-term side-effects of malabsorptive(More)
Percutaneous biopsy is considered one of the most important diagnostic tools to evaluate diffuse liver diseases. The introduction and widespread diffusion of ultrasounds in medical practice has improved percutaneous bioptic technique, while reducing postoperative complications. Although ultrasonography has become almost ubiquitous in prebiopsy(More)
Chronic abdominal pain syndrome is becoming increasingly important with regard to the quality of life of the patients and its social and economic impact, in terms of cost of hospitalization, income loss due to sick leave, and pharmaceutical costs for treatments which fail to offer either significant clinical improvement or resolution of the pain symptoms.(More)
Our purpose was to assess the potential of ultrasonography (US) in the detection of in–transit or satellite metastases. Following a review of the relevant literature, we present the results of a retrospective study based on 2,000 malignant melanoma patients with complete case records. Of these, we selected 600 patients who had a thick melanoma (>1 mm) at(More)