Giorgio Chiari

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In snowbed habitats, characterized by a long-lasting snow cover, the timing of snowmelt can be included among the major factors controlling plant phenology. Nevertheless, only a few ecological studies have tested the responses of flowering phenology of species growing in very late snow-free habitats to an advanced snowmelt (AS) date. The aim of this study(More)
In this paper the preliminary findings of a multicentre study on the effects of Acetyl-L-Carnitine on mildly impaired elderly are reported. Statistical analysis was carried out on 236 out of 469 subjects sampled in 42 different Italian geriatric or hospital units. Each subject was treated over 150 days, and a battery of tests (investigating cognitive(More)
Manipulating or shifting annual grapevine growing cycle to offset limitations imposed by global warming is a must today, and delayed winter pruning is a tool to achieve it. However, no information is available about its physiological background, especially in relation to modifications in canopy phenology, demography and seasonal carbon budget. Mechanistic(More)
A non-invasive XRD/XRF instrument for study of works of art has been developed jointly by the Getty Conservation Institute and inXitu Inc. (California). Many aspects of the instrument are based on technologies initially developed for NASA's planetary XRD/XRF instrument CheMin and used in inXitu's portable transmission XRD/XRF instrument (Terra). A new(More)
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