Giorgio Cammarata

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The pathogenesis of encephalomyocarditis (EMC) due to the EMC virus (EMCV) was studied in 24 piglets oro-nasally infected with the field isolate B279/95. Two pigs were kept as negative controls and were euthanised at hour 0. The remaining 24 were euthanised every 6 h up to 78-h post infection (hpi). Virus isolation, histological examination and EMCV(More)
A selected panel of six monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against Maedi-Visna virus (MVV), recognising the core proteins (p27 and p15) and the envelope protein (gp105) of MVV, was tested using different unmasking techniques on paraffin embedded lung samples of a seropositive sheep. Only three mAbs were chosen, according to their strong reactivity. mAbs 1A7, 1B6(More)
Haematology, antibody titers and serum protein electrophoresis from 48 cats (34 effusive and 14 noneffusive forms) affected with feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) were studied and compared with those of 20 healthy cats. In the effusive form, antibody titers and protein electrophoresis in the effusions were analyzed. The distribution of the immune cells(More)
Bone-marrow samples were collected from 48 CAEV-seropositive, symptomless goats (30 kids, 18 adults). The samples were formalin-fixed and processed for histological examination. In addition, all samples were examined immunohistochemically with a monoclonal antibody (1A7) against the p27 capsid protein of maedi-visna virus, an antibody which cross-reacts(More)
In focal lesions of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), the cells involved in the delayed-type hypersensitivity were identified in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded and frozen samples taken from 35 affected cats. The clinical diagnosis of FIP was confirmed by necropsy, histology and direct immunofluorescence against the coronaviruses on cryostatic sections.(More)
Recent pulmonary lesions at slaughter in bovines affected by Mycoplasma mycoides during the years 1990-1993 in Northern Italy are reported. Several histologic and immunocytochemical examinations showed that: the earliest lesions of CBPP are foci of desquamative bronchiolo-alveolitis, the highest concentration of the antigen is found in the cytoplasm of(More)
Thirty-three cases of Sertoli cell tumor, occurring in dogs of different breeds and ages, were studied histologically. Ectopic testes showed a particularly high tendency to develop the tumor. Metastases were not detected in regularly autopsied dogs nor reported or later ascertained for the bioptic consignments. According to Nielsen and Lein's classification(More)
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