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Based on recent advances in control theory, we propose the notion of jitter margin for periodic control tasks. The jitter margin is defined as a function of the amount of constant delay in the control loop, and it describes how much additional time-varying delay can be tolerated before the loop goes unstable. Combined with scheduling theory, the jitter(More)
We describe the development of a novel wrist-mounted apnea dive computer. The device is able to measure and display transcutaneous oxygen saturation, heart rate, plethysmographic pulse waveform, depth, time and temperature during breath-hold dives. All measurements are stored in an external memory chip. The data-processing software reads from the chip and(More)
  • G. Buttazzo
  • 1991
Presents a hierarchical computer architecture specifically designed for controlling a multisensory robot system. In a flexible and modular fashion. The approach used for the implementation of the system is botton-up, in the sense that high level processes are developed from elementary sensory-motor activities, carried out at lower levels of a hierarchical(More)
The main steps in planning radiotherapy consist in selecting for any patient diagnosed with a solid tumor (i) a prescribed radiation dose on the tumor, (ii) bounds on the radiation side effects on nearby organs at risk and (iii) a fractionation scheme specifying the number and frequency of therapeutic sessions during treatment. The goal of any radiotherapy(More)
This report describes the work carried out within the research project " Merging Real-Time and Control Theory for Improving the Performance of Embedded Control Systems " during the spring of 2004. The overall objective of the work has been to develop integrated control and scheduling methods for improving the performance of real-time control systems with(More)
This special track is focused on tele-rehabilitation systems, based on state of the art motion tracking technology, implementing clinically innovative protocols, suitable for large scale application in daily practice of physical therapy and training. These systems can be used to deliver rehabilitation services via information and communication technologies(More)
After 5 editions of growing number of participants coming from all over Portugal, the Micro-Rato contest has become a well known mobile robotics contest in the country. It promotes a cross fertilization among teams that is strongly educational, appealing and challenging simultaneously for those more or less skilled. In order to improve the robots(More)
S ince the beginnings of computer technology, researchers have speculated about the possibility of building smart machines that could compete with human intelligence. Given the current pace of advances in artificial intelligence and neural computing, such an evolution seems to be a more concrete possibility. Many people now believe that artificial(More)