Giorgia Salvatori

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BACKGROUND Brain activity has been investigated by several methods with different principles, notably optical ones. Each method may offer information on distinct physiological or pathological aspects of brain function. The ideal instrument to measure brain activity should include complementary techniques and integrate the resultant information. As a "low(More)
It is well known that normal physiological tremor of the fingers and alpha rhythm in the EEG, may share a common frequency band in the region of 10 Hz; that these two characteristics may be in some way related as a function of their frequencies, is a hypothesis which needs to be tested, as one element in establishing the physiology of physiological tremor.(More)
  • Ruolo Professore Associato, Breve Curriculum Vitae, Ha Partecipato, Lu B Coffey, P Wang, S Ferrari +11 others
  • 2009
ha partecipato al progetto di ricerca finanziato dalla Unione Europea " Repair of damaged mammalian visual pathways " , diretto dal prof. Pubblicazioni più recenti (2004) Abnormal c-fos-like immunoreactivity in the superior colliculus and other subcortical visual centers of pigmented Royal College of Surgeons rats. (2004) Functional cerebral activation(More)