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We investigated the metabolic profile of cancer stem cells (CSC) isolated from patients with epithelial ovarian cancer. CSC overexpressed genes associated with glucose uptake, oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS), and fatty acid β-oxidation, indicating higher ability to direct pyruvate towards the Krebs cycle. Consistent with a metabolic profile dominated by(More)
Malignant transformation of cells is often accompanied by up-regulation of glycolysis-related enzymes and transporters, as well as a distortion of mitochondrial respiration. As a consequence, most malignant tumors utilize high amounts of glucose and produce and accumulate high concentrations of lactate, even in the presence of oxygen. This phenomenon has(More)
We investigated whether Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) isolated from epithelial tumors could survive and grow in xenotransplants. To this purpose, EpCAM-positive CTCs were enriched by CellSearch platform the only FDA-cleared automated platform that quantifies tumor burden in peripheral blood and provides clinical evidence of predictive and prognostic value.(More)
Eight subjects, 60-75 years of age, with at least 5 years of education and mild memory impairments were recruited for a rehabilitation program. Other 8 subjects, not exposed to the rehabilitative training and with the same neuropsychological profile, represented a control group. In the first day of this program an evaluation of cognitive/behavioral(More)
In order to evaluate the correlation between the cognitive-behavioral performances and the regional blood-perfusion deficits of the brain, 18 elderly subjects affected by dementia of probably primary degenerative character have been studied. The patients were first examined by psychometric tests and then submitted to brain Single Photon Emission Computed(More)
This study evaluated the impact of aging, gender and education on learning function and memory process. Hundred-six normal subjects, in the age range 20-79 years were recruited, and their following functions were evaluated as inclusion criteria: (i) global cognitive performance by using the Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE > or = 24), (ii) depressive(More)
The association of depression and dementia is far more common than the masking of depression by dementia, i.e., pseudodementia. The impact of aging was investigated on the relationships between mood disorders, evaluated by means of Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) and early cognitive impairments, measured by using the Mini Mental State Examination(More)
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