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Anti-diabetic and anti-hyperlipidemic properties of Capparis spinosa L.: In vivo and in vitro evaluation of its nutraceutical potential
Abstract In this study, the nutraceutical potential of Capparis spinosa L . for the treatment of hyperglycemic states has been thoroughly investigated. A series of in vivo and in vitro tests haveExpand
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Exploring the first Rimonabant analog-opioid peptide hybrid compound, as bivalent ligand for CB1 and opioid receptors
Abstract Cannabinoid (CB) and opioid systems are both involved in analgesia, food intake, mood and behavior. Due to the co-localization of µ-opioid (MOR) and CB1 receptors in various regions of theExpand
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Exploring the biological consequences of conformational changes in aspartame models containing constrained analogues of phenylalanine
Abstract The dipeptide aspartame (Asp-Phe-OMe) is a sweetener widely used in replacement of sucrose by food industry. 2′,6′-Dimethyltyrosine (DMT) and 2′,6′-dimethylphenylalanine (DMP) are twoExpand
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Impact of different geographical locations on varying profile of bioactives and associated functionalities of caper (Capparis spinosa L.).
Capparis spinosa L. (caper), is a traditionally used medicinal plant and widely studied for its biological properties. We aimed for the first time to compare the biological and phenolic fingerprintsExpand
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An assessment of the nutraceutical potential of Juglans regia L. leaf powder in diabetic rats.
In this study, we evaluated the nutraceutical potential of Juglans regia L. (a dietary supplement and food-additive) by evaluating the in-vitro anti-diabetic potential and by assessing the in-vivoExpand
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Exploring new Probenecid-based carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: Synthesis, biological evaluation and docking studies.
Novel Probenecid-based amide derivatives, incorporating different natural amino acids, were synthesized and assayed to test their effect on the human carbonic anhydrase (hCA, EC
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Combinatorial peptide library screening for discovery of diverse α-glucosidase inhibitors using molecular dynamics simulations and binary QSAR models
Human α-glucosidase is an enzyme involved in the catalytic cleavage of the glucoside bond and involved in numerous functionalities of the organism, as well as in the insurgence of diabetes mellitus 2Expand
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Microwave-assisted extraction, HPLC analysis, and inhibitory effects on carbonic anhydrase I, II, VA, and VII isoforms of 14 blueberry Italian cultivars
Abstract The multi-component fingerprint and the biological evaluation of plant-derived material are indispensable for the pharmaceutical field, in food quality control procedures, and in allExpand
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Emotional disorders induced by Hemopressin and RVD-hemopressin(α) administration in rats.
BACKGROUND The endocannabinoid (eCB) system plays an important role in regulating emotional disorders, and is involved, directly or indirectly, in psychiatric diseases, such as anxiety andExpand
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Chemical characterization, antioxidant properties, anti-inflammatory activity, and enzyme inhibition of Ipomoea batatas L. leaf extracts
ABSTRACT Ipomoea batatas L. is widely used as a functional food in many countries. In this work, I. batatas leaf extracts (Soxhlet extract, microwave [MW] extract, and decoction extract) wereExpand
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