Giorgia Lorenz

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With the help of active types of oxygen, extracellular enzymes and mechanical processes,Botrytis cinerea is capable of infecting plant tissue. Whereas no clear correlation was found between the activities of protease, pectolytic or other cell wall degrading enzymes and virulence, a positive correlation between pathogenicity and the intensity of active types(More)
Affinity partitioning in an aqueous two-phase system by using triazine dye-substituted polyethylene glycol and dextran was applied in the investigation of the affinity of kinases, dehydrogenases and aminotransferases to twelve triazine dyes. From the alteration of the partition coefficient (K) of the enzymes in the two-phase system in the presence or(More)
A membrane-bound enzyme catalysing the cleavage of 13-hydroperoxy-(Z)-9,(£)-l 1-octadecadienoic acid (13-LHPO) and 13-hydroperoxy-(Z)-9,(£)-ll,(Z)-15-octadecadienoic acid (13-LnHPO) to C6-aldehydes was isolated and partially purified from apples and tomatoes. At­ tempts to employ Ultrogel AcA 34 and AcA 22 in a gel chromatographic purification step were(More)
Two series of Mnor Fe-promoted zirconia samples were prepared, (i) a series of sulfated-free reference compounds via co-precipitation of aqueous solutions containing zirconium and the promoter cation, and (ii) a series of catalysts via incipient-wetness impregnation of a sulfated zirconium hydroxide. The promoter content was varied between 0 and 5 wt%(More)
The properties of metalized ceramic substrates, e.g. used in power electronic devices, are mainly influenced by the metallization layer and the interface metal/ceramic. This study presents results from microstructural analyses and mechanical characterization of Direct Aluminum Bonded (DAB) substrates in comparison to Direct Copper Bonded (DCB) substrates.(More)
The partitioning of streptokinase in aqueous two-phase systems, containing poly(ethylene glycol) and dextran or poly(ethylene glycol) and salt was investigated. The protein partitions in favour of the upper, PEG-rich phase, if PEG of low molecular weight and potassium phosphate or ammonium sulphate were used. This property was found to be independent of the(More)
The interaction of yeast glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase with 31 triazine dye-stuffs was studied by means of affinity partitioning in an aqueous two-phase system using dye-liganded polyethyleneglycol and dextran as polymers. From the partition coefficients, K, of the enzyme in the presence and absence of the dye-polymer the term delta log K was calculated(More)
In microelectronic packaging technologies organic thin film materials, e.g. photo resists acting as dielectric layers or solder masks, gain more and more importance due to trends towards miniaturization and high system integration. Therefore, a profound characterization of these materials is an important issue for reliable FEM simulations and improved(More)