Giorgia Leoni

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Human and animal laboratory studies show that adolescents and adults respond differently to drugs and that drug administration during adolescence leads to different behavioral effects than during adulthood. Although there are a number of studies on the effects of cocaine, little is known about the effects of methamphetamine in adolescent vs adult rats. In(More)
Three intragenic microsatellites of the CFTR gene, a TA and a CA repeats, namely IVS17bTA and IVS17bCA, located in intron 17b and a CA repeat (IVS8CA) located in intron 8 of the CFTR gene, were analyzed in a large sample of Italian cystic fibrosis (CF) and normal chromosomes. Linkage disequilibrium was evaluated between each marker and difference CF(More)
In view of the reported variations of cystic fibrosis (CF) associated haplotypes among populations, a detailed analysis of the distribution of two tightly linked DNA markers (Xv-2c and KM.19) in 18 Italian regions was performed. Haplotypes were determined for 405 CF chromosomes carrying the mutation, and showed significant heterogeneity between the North,(More)