Giorgia Barboni

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The aim of this work is to compare different ion chambers available for dose measurements in small fields used in intensity modulated radiotherapy. Some dosimetric aspects, related to these small radiation fields, i.e., lack of electronic lateral equilibrium and steep dose region, must be evaluated, in order to obtain an accurate technique implementation.(More)
To reduce the radiation exposure during full spine X-ray examinations, the following techniques were instituted: 72" tube to film distance; X-ray beam collimation; fast screen-film combination (rare earth gradual screens with high speed films); additional compensation filters; shielding of the most radiation-sensitive organs. Dosimetric measurements are(More)
The widespread evidence of multiple bank lending relationships in credit markets suggests that firms are interested in setting up a diversity of banking links. However, it is hard to know from the empirical data whether a firm’s observed number of lenders is symptomatic of financial constraints or rather a well-designed strategy. We design an experimental(More)
The moving-strip technique employing a 60Co beam, is used in radiotherapy for whole abdominal irradiation in ovarian tumours and lymphomas. With this technique the spread of received dose from single strip, around an average value, is very high. Our paper suggest a computerized method for a more homogeneous dose distribution in central strips and a lower(More)
I131 thyroid uptake after the Chernobyl's accident was sampled in a Val Pellice school. Children were grouped according to sex, age and area of residence. The procedure used in collecting data and calculating the transformation coefficients from activity counts by computer simulation is analysed, as are the errors and sensitivity of the method. The(More)
Reference is made to a dosimetric comparison between single tomography and simultaneous multiple tomography with Synchroplan in 10 patients subjected to nefroangiotomography. Data from several thermoluminescence dosimeters placed on different parts of the body were used in a careful statistical analysis that showed the absence of significant differences in(More)
This work studies the dose distribution through the chest wall in radiation therapy after mammary reconstruction with silicone prostheses. TLD experimental dosimetry has been done on patient with silicone prostheses, on patient without prostheses and on Alderson phantom. Various conditions of treatment have been theorically simulated on a computer. At least(More)
This work suggests a quality control method for thermoluminescent dosimetry. For each set of dosemeters, read-out has been made at increasing values of dose, on the base of predetermined conditions in different read-out techniques and from different operators. The statistical analysis of each possible group of T.L.D. permitted us to draw the error-response(More)
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