Gioia Ristori

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A system is described which supports proving both behavioural and logical properties of concurrent systems; these are specified by means of a process algebra and its associated logic. The logic is an action based version of the branching time logic CTL, which we call ACTL. It is interpreted over transition labelled structures while CTL is interpreted over(More)
A prototype assistant, NL2ACTL, is presented for the formalization of behavioural requirements for the design of reactive systems. NL2ACTL is a tool for the automatic translation of Natural Language sentences, into formulae of the actionbased temporal logic ACTL. The Natural Language sentences are used to express informal requirements of reactive systems.(More)
We present methods and tools for the veriication of behaviours of Lotos programs, based on the explicit construction of a nite automaton. We discuss a behaviour oriented style for Lotos that eases the construction of this model. We present the veriication tools integrated in the lite tool set, and illustrate the approach with the full speciication and(More)