Gioacchin Iannolo

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BACKGROUND Skeletal-muscle-derived stem cells seem to be a distinct population of immature progenitors of satellite cells, but their functional properties remain unclear, especially in human adult tissue. We investigated their differentiation in samples of skeletal muscle obtained from adults undergoing cardiovascular surgery. METHODS Samples were(More)
BACKGROUND Considering that HTB140 melanoma cells have shown a poor response to either protons or alkylating agents, the effects of a combined use of these agents have been analysed. METHODS Cells were irradiated in the middle of the therapeutic 62 MeV proton spread out Bragg peak (SOBP). Irradiation doses were 12 or 16 Gy and are those frequently used in(More)
Response of human HTB140 melanoma cells to proton irradiation in combination with fotemustine (FM) was investigated. Effects of these agents were analysed on cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis. Cells pretreated with 100- or 250-µM of FM were irradiated in the middle of the therapeutic 62-MeV proton spread-out Bragg peak, with a dose of 16 Gy. All(More)
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