Gio Kao Kao

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The globalization of today's supply chains (e.g., information and communication technologies, military systems, etc.) has created an emerging security threat that could degrade the integrity and availability of sensitive and critical government data, control systems, and infrastructures. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and even government-off-the-self(More)
Solving large combinatorial optimization problems is a ubiquitous task across multiple disciplines. Developing efficient procedures for solving these problems has been of great interest to both researchers and practitioners. Over the last half century, vast amounts of research have been devoted to studying various methods in tackling these problems. These(More)
Resilience has recently emerged as a security priority, but the development of mission resilience analysis techniques for military systems has lagged behind those for other systems. This paper identifies gaps for mission resilience assessment in current vulnerability assessment approaches used at military facilities. Additionally, the paper describes(More)
Teaching Assistants: • Spring 1999: Mitch Harris and Shripad Thite • Summer 1999 (IMCS): Mitch Harris • Summer 2000 (IMCS): Mitch Harris • Fall 2000: Chris Neihengen, Ekta Manaktala, and Nick Hurlburt • Spring 2001: Brian Ensink, Chris Neihengen, and Nick Hurlburt • Summer 2001 (I2CS): Asha Seetharam and Dan Bullok • Fall 2002: Erin Wolf, Gio Kao, Kevin(More)
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