Gino Masini

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This article proposes an application of the EXCELL model to microwave local multipoint distribution systems. With EXCELL, validated in many years of observations with a meteorological radar, rain is modeled by a population of exponentially-profiled raincells. Their statistics can be made to honor any given rainfall cumulative distribution function. It is,(More)
The production of fresh fruit (apples and pears) and concentrated juice is one of the major regional economic activities of Argentina, which has traditionally been one of the world s main fresh fruit and concentrated juice producers. Due to market reasons, there is a strong need to count with reliable decision tools to manage the whole business. In order to(More)
This paper presents a midterm tactical planning model for the supply chain of a typical large company operating in the High Valley of the Black and Neuquén Rivers area of Argentina. A Mixed Integer Lineal Programming model has been developed, which maximizes the net profit of the company along a one-year time horizon divided in twelve monthly periods. Based(More)
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