Gino Marchetti

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This paper reports on molecular dynamics simulations of two hydrated micelles composed of C12E6 and LDAO surfactants. The simulations results provide a quantitative picture of the dynamics of the hydration water at the water/micelle interface. Both the residence time of water near the micelle surface and its retardation with respect to the bulk have been(More)
Drug side effects represent a common reason for stopping drug development during clinical trials. Improving our ability to understand drug side effects is necessary to reduce attrition rates during drug development as well as the risk of discovering novel side effects in available drugs. Today, most investigations deal with isolated side effects and(More)
Since 3D molecular shape is an important determinant of biological activity, designing accurate 3D molecular representations is still of high interest. Several chemoinformatic approaches have been developed to try to describe accurate molecular shapes. Here, we present a novel 3D molecular description, namely harmonic pharma chemistry coefficient (HPCC),(More)
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