Gino Loyola

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Many multicriteria problems in economics and finance require that efficient solutions be found. A recent contribution to production theory established a characterization of efficient points under closedness and free-disposability (Bonnisseau and Crettez in Econ Theory 31(2):213–223, 2007, Theorem 1). However, as will be shown using a number of examples,(More)
Two important issues in distributive bargaining theory are, first, the conditions under which a negotiation breakdown occurs, and second, what and how source of parties’ bargaining powers influences the properties of a possible agreement. Research based on classicNash’s demand game has explored both questions by sophisticating the original game a lot. As an(More)
The decades-old armed conflict between the government of Colombia and the FARC guerrilla group has been a highly polarized one, as is evident from the intransigent positions of the two parties and the repeated breakdowns of past peacemaking efforts. To account for this longstanding failure to reach an agreement, a distributive bargaining framework is(More)
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