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Operating room surgery scheduling deals with determining operation start times of surgeries on hand and allocating the required resources to the scheduled surgeries, considering several constraints to ensure a complete surgery flow, the resource availability, and specialties and qualifications of human resources. This task plays a crucial role in providing(More)
OBJECTIVES Operating room (OR) surgery scheduling determines the individual surgery's operation start time and assigns the required resources to each surgery over a schedule period, considering several constraints related to a complete surgery flow and the multiple resources involved. This task plays a decisive role in providing timely treatments for the(More)
Surgery scheduling determines the individual surgery's sequence and assigns required resources. This task plays a decisive role in providing timely treatment for the patients while ensuring a balanced hospital resources' utilization. Considering several real life constraints associated with multiple resources during the complete 3-stage surgery flow, a(More)
Mass evacuations of the Texas Gulf Coast remain a difficult challenge. These events are massive in scale, highly complex, and entail an intricate, ever-changing conglomeration of technical and jurisdictional issues. This project focused primarily on the specific issue of developing a new technical tool to help TxDOT and other key operating(More)
We present a model that integrates real-time process control charting with simulation modeling to illustrate the effects and benefits of SPC charts for quality improvement efforts. The integrated model is particularly significant in addressing transition issues arising from changes in the input material. A case study based on a medical manufacturing(More)
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