Gino De Vooght

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According to the mental model theory, reasoners build an initial model representing the information given in the premises. In the context of relational reasoning, the question arises as to which kind of representation is used to cope with indeterminate or multimodel problems. The present article presents an array of possible answers arising from the initial(More)
Four dual-task experiments are reported in which a short-term memory task is performed concurrently with a random interval repetition task, which was designed to interfere with functions normally attributed to the central executive in the working memory model of Baddeley and Hitch (1974). The task was found to interfere with supra-span serial recall and(More)
The present article reports two experiments testing the use of working memory components during reasoning with temporal and spatial relations in four-term series problems. In the first experiment four groups of subjects performed reasoning tasks with temporal and with spatial contents either without (control) or with a secondary task (articulatory(More)
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