Gino Ciarlini

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to 0.3 nmol ⁄L. Her voice returned to normal, but her hirsutism, although stabilised, did not resolve until several months later. Brenner tumours of the ovary are usually endocrinologically inactive, although some oestrogenproducing tumours have been reported. Only five cases of Brenner tumours associated with clinical virilisation have been reported, two(More)
BACKGROUND Haptoglobin (H) is a glycoprotein that regulates the immune response. Serum haptoglobin levels are significantly higher in patients with advanced epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) with poor survival. Different isoforms of haptoglobin have been found in the serum of patients with EOC. We studied the genetic susceptibility and outcome of patients(More)
HNF1B (formerly known as TCF2) gene encodes for a transcription factor that regulates gene expression involved in normal mesodermal and endodermal developments. A close association between rs4430796 polymorphism of HNF1B gene and decreased endometrial cancer (EC) risk has been demonstrated. The aim of the current study was to test the hypothesis that(More)
The enzyme cyclooxygenase 2 is an inducible enzyme expressed at sites of inflammation and in a variety of malignant solid tumors such as endometrial cancer (EC). In EC patients, its over-expression is correlated with progressive disease and poor prognosis. The expression is encoded by a polymorphic gene, called PTGS2. The aim of the current study was to(More)
We have prospectively studied 117 premature infants < or = 1500 gm (VLBW) to assess the relationship between maternal, obstetric, fetal and newborn complications and the grade of periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage (PVH-IVH). PVH-IVH was documented by cranial ultrasonography in 41% of surviving neonates. 83% of infants with PVH-IVH grade I-II(More)
BACKGROUND Epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) is the most lethal gynecological cancer. Several hospitals throughout the region provide primary treatment for these patients and it is well know that treatment quality is correlated to the hospital that delivers. The aim of this study was to investigate the management and treatment of EOC in a Region of the North(More)
BACKGROUND According to the hub-and-spoke model introduced in the Provincial Healthcare System of Reggio Emilia, early endometrial cancer is treated in peripheral low-volume hospitals (spokes) by general gynecologist, whereas more complex cancers are treated by gynecological oncologists at the main hospital (hub). OBJECTIVE To guarantee a uniformly high(More)
Objectives: The ABO blood group antigens were found on most epithelial cells and in secretions. In the normal endometrium there is a variable expression of histo-blood group and related antigens suggesting a hormonal regulation. A relationship between ABO blood groups and endometrial cancer has been investigated with contradictory results. In this study we(More)
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