Ginny L Gildengorin

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BACKGROUND A few studies have examined change in cognitive performance by diabetes status with disparate results. We examined the 4-year change in cognitive performance among older adults according to glucose tolerance status. METHODS Three cognitive tests (Mini-Mental State Examination, Verbal Fluency [VF] test, and Trail-Making Test B) were measured 4(More)
OBJECTIVE We conducted a prospective, observational study in a tertiary care pediatric center to determine risk factors for the development of and outcomes from ventilator-associated pneumonia. METHODS From November 2004 to June 2005, all NICU and PICU patients mechanically ventilated for >24 hours were eligible for enrollment after parental consent. The(More)
OBJECTIVE: To identify current colorectal cancer (CRC) screening practices and barriers to screening in the Latino, Vietnamese, and non-Latino white populations. METHODS: We conducted a telephone survey of Latino, non-Latino white, and Vietnamese individuals living in San Jose, California. We asked about demographics, CRC screening practices, intentions to(More)
Introduction. We analyzed a database of 320 pediatric patients with acute lung injury (ALI), to test the hypothesis that positive fluid balance is associated with worse clinical outcomes in children with ALI. Methods. This is a post-hoc analysis of previously collected data. Cumulative fluid balance was analyzed in ml per kilogram per day for the first 72(More)
BACKGROUND Although contemporary guidelines suggest that the intervals between Papanicolaou tests can be extended to three years among low-risk women with previous negative tests, the excess risk of cervical cancer associated with less frequent than annual screening is uncertain. METHODS We determined the prevalence of biopsy-proven cervical neoplasia(More)
Among Asian Americans, colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer, and it is the third highest cause of cancer-related mortality. The 2001 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS 2001) was used to examine 1) CRC screening rates between different Asian-American ethnic groups compared with non-Latino whites and 2) factors related to(More)
BACKGROUND Vietnamese-American women underutilize breast cancer screening. DESIGN An RCT was conducted comparing the effect of lay health workers (LHWs) and media education (ME) to ME alone on breast cancer screening among these women. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS Conducted in California from 2004 to 2007, the study included 1100 Vietnamese-American women aged(More)
BACKGROUND: Colorectal cancer (CRC) screening is underutilized despite evidence that screening reduces mortality. OBJECTIVE: To assess the effect of an intervention targeting physicians and their patients on rates of CRC screening. DESIGN: A randomized clinical trial of community physicians and their patients. PARTICIPANTS: Ninety-four community primary(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess driving self-restriction (vision related and nonvision related) in relation to vision test performance of older adults. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Population-based cohort of community-dwelling older adults. PARTICIPANTS Six hundred twenty-nine current drivers aged 55 and older had driving behavior, health, and physical(More)
There are few population-based studies of cardiovascular risk factors, knowledge, and related behaviors among Vietnamese Americans. To describe cardiovascular risk factors, knowledge, and related behaviors among Vietnamese Americans and compare the results to non-Hispanic whites. Comparison of data from two population-based, cross-sectional telephone(More)