Ginger Robertson

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Captive emperor penguins in Antarctica hand-fed Antarctic krill assimilated an average of 70.5% +/- 1.7% (n = 3) of the energy in the diet. Water intake estimated by tritiated water turnover was 9.4% +/- 2.4% less than that measured gravimetrically. Tritium took 1.5 h from injection to equilibrate with the penguins' body water pools.
The specific genes regulating the quantitative variation in macronutrient preference and food intake are virtually unknown. We fine mapped a previously identified mouse chromosome 17 region harboring quantitative trait loci (QTL) with large effects on preferential macronutrient intake-carbohydrate (Mnic1), total kilcalories (Kcal2), and total food volume(More)
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