Ginger Myles

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A software birthmark is a unique characteristic of a program that can be used as a software theft detection technique. In this paper we present and empirically evaluate a novel birthmarking technique — Whole Program Path Birthmarking — which uniquely identifies a program based on a complete control flow trace of its execution. To evaluate the strength of(More)
Software birthmarking relies on unique characteristics that are inherent to a program to identify the program in the event of suspected theft. In this paper we present and empirically evaluate a novel birthmarking technique which uniquely identifies a program through instruction sequences. To evaluate the strength of the birthmarking technique we examine(More)
T he current widespread interest in protecting software from piracy, tampering, and reverse engineering has been brought to bear for several reasons. First, revenue derived from proprietary software sales is vital to many software vendors’ survival. Second, more vendors distribute software in forms that attackers can easily manipulate, such as Java bytecode(More)
Within the software industry software piracy is a great concern. In this article we address this issue through a prevention technique called software watermarking. Depending on how a software watermark is applied it can be used to discourage piracy; as proof of authorship or purchase; or to track the source of the illegal redistribution. In particular we(More)
Software protection is an area of active research in which a variety of techniques have been developed to address the issue. Examples of such techniques are software watermarking, code obfuscation, and tamper detection. In this paper we present a novel dynamic software watermarking algorithm which incorporates ideas from code obfuscation and tamper(More)
We present a study of the static structure of real Java bytecode programs. A total of 1132 Java jar-files were collected from the Internet and analyzed. In addition to simple counts (number of methods per class, number of bytecode instructions per method, etc.), structural metrics such as the complexity of controlflow and inheritance graphs were computed.(More)
Internet has stored large amount of data, information [30] or source code. In this large amount of data or source code it is very difficult and time consuming task to find out the similarity or plagiarism in the source code, research publications in academic. [1] In this paper here we describe the some of the techniques and algorithms for how to find out(More)