Ginette Séguin-Swartz

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The frequency of gene flow from Brassica napus L. (canola) to four wild relatives, Brassica rapa L., Raphanus raphanistrum L., Sinapis arvensis L. and Erucastrum gallicum (Willd.) O.E. Schulz, was assessed in greenhouse and/or field experiments, and actual rates measured in commercial fields in Canada. Various marker systems were used to detect hybrid(More)
Factors affecting microspore embryogenesis of Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata A. Braun) were evaluated, including flower bud length, pollen developmental stage, and microspore density. An embryogenic frequency of 300 embryos per Petri plate was observed with NLN (Nitsch-Lichter-Nitsch) medium supplemented with 13% sucrose, 3.0–3.4-mm-long buds, and a(More)
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