Ginette Coutu-Wakulczyk

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This study is a contribution to the French validation of the Derogatis (1977) Symptom Check-List SCL-90-R. Norms reflecting the mental health status of a representative sample of French-speaking women from Montreal, Canada, are provided. Results indicated that the women in our sample generally obtained higher raw scores than those reported by Derogatis for(More)
OBJECTIVE Caring for a child with asthma can affect the parent's coping and well-being and coping strategies. This study examined the influence of a home-based asthma health education program on parental coping and quality of life. DESIGN Randomized controlled non-blinded clinical trial. SETTING Northern community pediatrician's office. PATIENTS(More)
This article presents the findings of a survey of Canadian schools of nursing (N = 155) that determined the extent to which violence-related content is addressed in nursing curricula. The study yielded a response rate of 88%. Theoretical content regarding violence against children and women of all ages, and suicide as a response to abuse formed part of the(More)
Caregivers are often ill-equipped to cope with repeated verbal and physical aggression by geriatric residents with cognitive deficits. Cooperation from other members of the health care team is rarely automatic and there is little adherence to established interventions. This article offers valuable insights on patient care to caregivers who work with(More)
Working with seniors implies a change in outlook from caregiving to a more global psychosocial approach. Nurses' inappropriate attitudes toward seniors can have far-reaching implications for seniors themselves. A negative attitude can accentuate their cognitive problems, while a positive one can promote their autonomy. According to the literature, nurses'(More)
The objective of this methodological pilot study was to make a contribution to the French-language validation of the Depressive Adjective Check List (DACL) Set 2 of Forms, E, F, G trait version (Lubin, 1981) and to that of the Multiple Affect Adjective Check List (MAACL-R; Zuckerman & Lubin, 1985). The importance of the study was to validate the(More)