Gina de la Fuente

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Three new diterpenoid alkaloids, isoazitine (1), 19-oxodihydroatisine (2), and 22-O-acetyl-19-oxodihydroatisine (3), and eight known alkaloids-azitine (4), dihydroatisine (5), delphinine, neoline, bullatine C (14-acetylneoline), chasmanine, 14-acetylchasmanine, and the quaternary base atisinium chloride (7)-were isolated from the aerial parts of Delphinium(More)
An index, based on littoral communities assemblages (CARLIT), was applied to assess the ecological status of Northwestern Mediterranean coastal waters, following the requirements of the European Water Framework Directive. The biogeographical particularities of the Alboran Sea suggested a reassessment of this index, and that was the main objective of this(More)
The Cystoseira ericaefolia group is conformed by three species: C. tamariscifolia, C. mediterranea and C. amentacea. These species are among the most important habitat forming species of the upper sublittoral rocky shores of the Mediterranean Sea and adjacent Atlantic coast. This species group is sensitive to human pressures and therefore is currently(More)
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