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Prior studies have indicated that multiple knowledge structures, schema, associations, and cases, are involved in creative thought. Few studies, however, have examined how these different knowledge structures operate together in idea generation and creative problem-solving. Accordingly, in the present study 247 undergraduates were asked to generate ideas(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Challenging an implicit assumption of universal applicability, we propose that a subset of transformational leader behaviors may hamper organizational outcomes for a unique yet growing segment of the workforce: employees on the autism spectrum. Specifically, we tested the hypothesis that emotion-laden communication and(More)
Decision-makers at all levels of organizations interact with information systems that are designed to enable better, faster, and more effective decisions. The problem is that information has reached a critical mass. The sheer volume of data and data sources make it impossible for a human being to capture and process all available and relevant data, facts,(More)
For many terrorist organizations, also known as violent extremist organizations (VEOs), their ability to perpetuate violence is often contingent upon successful recruitment and selection of organizational members. Although academic work on terrorist recruitment and selection has improved in recent years, researchers have generally focused more heavily on(More)
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