Gina M. Clayton

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GAP43 is a developmentally regulated phosphoprotein which is almost exclusively found in neurons. Numerous correlative studies have shown that GAP43 is expressed at high levels during neurite extension, axonal elongation and synaptogenesis. In this study we used in situ hybridization to examine GAP43 expression during late embryonic and early postnatal(More)
CD8(+) T cell recognition of virus-infected cells is characteristically restricted by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I, although rare examples of MHC class II restriction have been reported in Cd4-deficient mice and a macaque SIV vaccine trial using a recombinant cytomegalovirus vector. Here, we demonstrate the presence of human leukocyte(More)
  • Walter, A Wolf, Peter, G Anderson, Dalton R Hunkins, Doug Grant +123 others
  • 2009
Scalability analysis of low-level image processing algorithms implemented on a 2-dimensional array of transputers, Thursday, June 30. Enhanced bitmap indexes for large scale data management, Wednesday, February 11.
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