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Overexpression of the HER2-receptor in early breast cancer (EBC) patients is associated with aggressive tumor behavior. However, women suffering from HER2-positive EBC benefit from trastuzumab treatment. As the HER2 status of the primary tumor may differ from that of disseminated tumor cells (DTC) in bone marrow (BM), the aim of this study was (1) to(More)
The sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) is the standard procedure for axillary staging in patients with primary breast cancer. Of these patients, 10–15% will develop local breast cancer recurrence. Optimal management of the axilla for these patients is still not established. The aim of this review is to assess the role of secondary lymph node biopsy in(More)
Operationen verursachen Komplikationen. Das Auftreten von Komplikationen lässt sich reduzieren, aber niemals ganz vermeiden. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist es notwendig, die pathophysiologischen Zusammenhänge von Komplikationen zu kennen und Vermeidungsstrategien zu erlernen. Der Beitrag zeigt eine Übersicht über die Risikofaktoren für Komplikationen. Diese(More)
In two studies, we examined what constitutes a supportive context for word learning. In Study 1, we examined children’s comprehension of iconic gestures by asking 2, 3, and 4 year-old children, as well as adult controls, to choose the referent of an iconic gesture. The gesture either highlighted a possible action with the object, or a salient physical(More)
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