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We demonstrated the 'de novo' synthesis of insulin within the fetal nervous system in vivo and in vitro. We undertook this study to show a role for brain endogenous insulin within the fetal brain. We used neuron cell cultures (NCC) from 19 days gestational age fetal rat brains incubated in an insulin free/serum free defined medium. The neurons showed the(More)
We have previously described insulin to be synthesized "de novo" within the fetal rat brain and that brain endogenous insulin [I(n)] promoted neurofilament distribution within fetal neurons. In this study, we investigated the role of I(n) in neuron axonal growth. Rat fetal brain stem cells from 16-day gestational age were cultured in an IFDM and treated(More)
A representative sample of 68-year-old men living in the city of Malmö, Sweden, was examined by means of psychological tests and questionnaires regarding cognitive capacity, cognitive style as an expression of personality, and life satisfaction. Reference values for these parameters are presented, and a continuous cohort increase of verbal ability could be(More)
STUDY GOAL The aim of the study was to evaluate The Patient Assessment, Care and Education (PACE) System-an electronic patient symptom screening and reporting system for oncology. Specifically, the study determined provider and patient opinions of The PACE System and documented evidence as to whether symptom assessment rates increased after this system was(More)
BACKGROUND Over 500 million is spent in the United Kingdom every year on over-the-counter medicines for coughs and colds. Evidence for their pharmacological efficacy is lacking. AIM To examine lay beliefs about over-the-counter medicines for coughs and colds. To explore whether the distinction between symptom relief and cure has the same relevance to lay(More)
BACKGROUND Studies by individual acupuncture practitioners have given an indication that offering acupuncture in primary care may reduce the need for referral to secondary care and reduce the costs of prescriptions. It would be informative to find out whether these findings can be supported by data from other practices. The aim of this study was to test the(More)
Human keratinocytes have been serially cultivated in low (0.015 mM) and high (1.8 mM) calcium containing medium. The calcium concentration of the growth medium significantly influenced the cell growth period in vitro. Cells grown in low calcium medium underwent 35-40 population doublings over 16-17 passages, while cells grown in high calcium medium ceased(More)