Gina Coghlan

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The cerebral blood flow agent, 99mTc-HMPAO (‘CeretecTM’) has been investigated to see if it can be used to estimate tumour blood flow. Its distribution in Balb/c mice bearing either a subcutaneously implanted sarcoma or a plasmacytoma has been shown to be similar to that of 86RbCl. The changes in peripheral blood flow caused by the beta-blocker,(More)
Human IgG and its Fab fragments were chosen as a model system for studying the desferoxamine (DF) coupling reaction using glutaraldelyde or carbodiimide at various concentrations. The labelling of the IgG-DF conjugates with 67Ga proved to be highly efficient and reproductible. The labelling efficiency in relation to storage time of the conjugate was(More)
The optimum conditions for producing a 67Ga labelled antibody-desferrioxamine conjugate were determined. The mouse monoclonal antibody LICR-LON-M8 was coupled to the metal chelating compound desferrioxamine (DFO) using glutaraldehyde (GLUT). A DFO:GLUT:M8 molar ratio of 500:150:1 gave an immunoreactive antibody with low amounts (less than 5%) of high(More)
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