Gina Briscoe

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Structural maintenance of chromosomes (SMC) proteins function in chromosome condensation and several other aspects of DNA processing. They are large proteins characterized by an NH2-terminal nucleotide triphosphate (NTP)-binding domain, two long segments of coiled coil separated by a hinge, and a COOH-terminal domain. Here, we have visualized by EM the SMC(More)
Theories of visual backward masking have generally ignored demonstrations of the perceptual recovery of a masked target when the masking stimulus (M1) is followed by a second masking stimulus (M2). This failure to address recovery may reflect a belief that recovery effects are relatively small and inconsistent. The present article reports a series of(More)
Fibronectin's RGD-mediated binding to the alpha5beta1 integrin is dramatically enhanced by a synergy site within fibronectin III domain 9 (FN9). Guided by the crystal structure of the cell-binding domain, we selected amino acids in FN9 that project in the same direction as the RGD, presumably toward the integrin, and mutated them to alanine. R1379 in the(More)
In animal embryos, morphogen gradients determine tissue patterning and morphogenesis. Shyer et al. provide evidence that, during vertebrate gut formation, tissue folding generates graded activity of signals required for subsequent steps of gut growth and differentiation, thereby revealing an intriguing link between tissue morphogenesis and morphogen(More)
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