Gina Baldassare

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We have demonstrated that interferon-α2-recombinant (IFNα) at growth inhibitory concentrations enhances the expression and signalling activity of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R) in human epidermoid carcinoma KB cells. Here we report that KB cells exposed to IFNα underwent apoptotic cell death and this effect was antagonized by EGF. We have also(More)
BACKGROUND Torsion of appendices epiplocae leads to an ischemic infarct of surrounding adipose tissue, causing a syndrome, called "primary epiploic appendagitis" characterized by acute abdominal pain that can simulate a surgical clinical picture. AIM To describe the clinical picture, ultrasonographic and computed tomographic features of primary epiploic(More)
BACKGROUND Pilomatrixoma is a benign tumor of the skin, preferentially found in children. The final diagnosis is made by biopsy. High resolution ultrasound (US) is a non invasive method for its diagnosis. AIM To describe the US findings in children with pilomatrixoma. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty five patients with 62 clinically suspected pilomatrixomas(More)
BACKGROUND Lipomas are frequent benign soft tissue tumors. They are classified as superficial or deep. In the head, they are localized under the galea or epicraneal aponeurosis. Clinically they present as non symptomatic smooth tumors. AIM To describe ultrasound (US) findings of subgaleal lipomas. MATERIAL AND METHODS Retrospective review of seven(More)
BACKGROUND Soft tissue foreign bodies are a frequent cause of consultation in emergency rooms. It is difficult to verify their existence since conventional radiology only detects radio opaque objects. Ultrasound can be a useful diagnostic procedure. AIM To report our experience in the detection of soft tissue foreign bodies by ultrasound examination. (More)
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