Gina A. Smith

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Protein kinase has been extracted in soluble form from virions of pseudorabies virus using 10% NP40, 0.6 M-NaCl. Chromatographic analysis of the extract on DEAE-cellulose and on phosphocellulose showed it to contain more than one kinase. The activity responsible for the phosphorylation of the major phosphoproteins (mol. wts. 120 000, 115 000 and 72 000) of(More)
VEGFs (vascular endothelial growth factors) are a family of conserved disulfide-linked soluble secretory glycoproteins found in higher eukaryotes. VEGFs mediate a wide range of responses in different tissues including metabolic homoeostasis, cell proliferation, migration and tubulogenesis. Such responses are initiated by VEGF binding to soluble and(More)
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