Gillseung Lee

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A greenhouse experiment was conducted to examine the effects of inoculation with two Methylobacterium oryzae strains (CBMB20 and CBMB110) and a consortium of three arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi on the growth of red pepper (Capsicum annum L.). Inoculation of red pepper plants with the M. oryzae strains resulted in a significant increase in root length(More)
The search for diverse plant growth-promoting (PGP) diazotrophic bacteria is gaining momentum as efforts are made to exploit them as biofertilizers for various economically important crops. In the present study, 17 diazotrophic strains belonging to eight different genera isolated from rice paddy fields were screened for multiple PGP traits and evaluated for(More)
Bacteria of genus Methylobacterium have been found to promote plant growth and regulate the level of ethylene in crop plants. This work is aimed to test the induction of defense responses in tomato against bacterial wilt by stress ethylene level reduction mediated by the ACC deaminase activity of Methylobacterium strains. Under greenhouse conditions, the(More)
A study was undertaken to determine the free-living culturable diazotrophic bacteria of paddy soils from a long-term fertilizer management experiment. Long-term application of different fertilizers significantly affected the population of free-living diazotrophs. Out of 165 distinct bacterial morphotypes observed during the isolation process, only 32 were(More)
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